Below knee prothesis

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Below Knee Prosthetics

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Below Knee Prosthetics

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Prosthetic Knees: What’s Currently New and Impressive?

The GeoLite is available with two consecutive proximal connection options; the GeoFlex holds four different connection actions. The Basics Of Below Knee Prosthetics There are numerous types of prosthetic devices used today, but the most common remains the below knee prosthetic device.

In most cases this lower extremity prosthesis attaches to the existing limb somewhere below. A below-knee (BK) prosthesis will typically consist of a custom-made socket, a pylon and a foot. Sometimes a suspension sleeve or harness may also be necessary.

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Knee Replacement Prosthesis Components

General Description: There are many types of below knee prostheses. The type that an amputee is fit with depends on the shape of the residual.

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Below-Knee Limb Loss Solutions A below-knee (BK) leg prosthesis typically consists of a custom-made socket, a pylon and a foot. Sometimes a suspension sleeve or harness may also be necessary.

Transtibial (Below Knee) Manual About Us 1 Advanced Prosthetics is a “Center of Excellence” for limb loss rehabilitation. Our team of prosthetists provide customized, high function prosthetic devices while our staff therapists. The Harmony prosthesis pumps air out of your socket for a secure, intimate fit—improving connection and limiting volume fluctuations all day long Home Prosthetics Lower limb prosthetics Solution overview Below-knee prosthesis with: Harmony.

Below knee prothesis
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The Knee Prosthesis: The different types