Better wrong than rightb

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“It is better to be roughly right than precisely wrong.”

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“It is better to be approximately right, than precisely wrong.” especially during the 3rd quarter of Small and Mid Cap stocks have fared much better than Large Caps, providing long term results similar to historic norms. Diamond Hill® Capital Management, Inc.

is registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) under. Wrong. In three years, he didn’t get a single acting job. That time many 25 year olds were getting jobs playing high school students. He didn’t cause he looked too old. Better late than never! Being aware of what we really want is a key to turn our life!

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If both Left and Right are Numbers, compare them as numbers. If both Left and Right are Numbers, compare them as numbers. Jan 04,  · please help me cleanup my code Advertisement.

For Beginners. Public Group Home Activity Home Forum I think it is over bloated and not very clear programming. there is nothing wrong with it I just think I could be doing things better. Any hints and .

Better wrong than rightb
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