Catal hyuk

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The main living spaces at Çatalhöyük were rarely larger than 25 sq m ( sq ft) and they were occasionally broken into smaller regions of 1– sq m ( sq ft).

They included ovens, hearths, and pits, raised floors, platforms and benches. What are they excavating at Çatalhöyük? Archaeologists are excavating the remains of a Neolithic town.


9, years ago, this place was one of the world's largest settlements. Catal hoyuk, Turkey: Form and function. Çatal Höyük: (The 'Forked Mound').

Çatal Höyük is now considered to be one of the earliest known 'cities' in the world. Çatalhöyük Research Project. 9, likes · 5 talking about this.

A place for the public and team members to follow and discuss the ongoing excavations at. This Web site is designed for those interested in the ongoing archaeological excavations at Çatalhöyük, Turkey. Its aim is to provide information about the activities of the Project and of the different aspects of the research being conducted at Çatalhöyük.

Neolithic Wall Painting in Building 80, Çatalhöyük (photo: Çatalhöyük, CC: BY-NC-SA ) painting and the excavator of the site believes that geometric wall painting was .

Catal hyuk
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