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CFA Level 1 Exam Guide. CFA Level 1 Exam Guide. Topics. What's New. Why Jeff Bezos Is Saying Amazon Will Ultimately Fail Study Does Not End After the CFA. Getting your CFA is an admirable. If you are looking for a CFA Level 1 study guide for the upcoming exam, I highly recommend many of Schweser’s resources.

Schweser’s CFA QBank is my personal favorite, and the only resource I used for studying (when I passed on my first attempt). Aug 23,  · Comprehensive Study Notes: Analyst Prep provides you with study notes that guide you toward the most important topics that are outlined in the Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK).

The easy-to-read format of the study notes will help you understand the mountain of 5/5.

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"CFA was the perfect choice I made, since it helped me takeoff my career in finance. Getting trained at IMS Proschool was worth every penny spent, since I was given thorough assistance and guidance during the learning process.".

Hello, my name is Andy Solnik and I am a financial/energy analyst. I took the CFA exams between and and share with you my experiences and insights preparing for the exam. I hope this info will help you study in the most effective way, and I wish you all the best for your preparations!

Register today to get free access to our CFA Level 1 question bank. AnalystPrep also features QBanks and Study Notes for CFA Level 2&3 and FRM part 1&2.

Cfa study guide
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