Client server computing unit 1

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Client-Server LAN

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Server Hardware Explained (Part 1)

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Client–server model

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Serverless Architectures

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Serverless computing, or more simply Serverless, is a hot topic in the software architecture “Big Three” cloud vendors—Amazon, Google, and Microsoft—are heavily invested in Serverless, and we’ve seen plenty of books, open-source projects, conferences, and software vendors dedicated to.

compression unit. In Hybrid Columnar Compression, a logical construct that stores a set of rows.


When you load data into a table, the database stores groups of rows in columnar format, with the values for each column stored and compressed together.

If aio is enabled, specifies whether it is used for writing files. Currently, this only works when using aio threads and is limited to writing temporary files with data received from proxied servers. The purpose of the qualification is to build the knowledge and skills required by learners in End User Computing.

It is intended to empower learners to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required to operate confidently in the End User Computing environment in the South African community and to respond to the challenges of the economic environment. Download content for Azure,, Office, SQL Server, SharePoint Server and other Microsoft technologies in e-book formats.

Reference, guide, and step-by-step information are all available.

Client server computing unit 1
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