Jeffersonian era

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Democratic-Republican Party

He enlarged federal power through the intrusively-enforced Responsible Act of They also espoused for sailors in modern ports, promising higher grades and better treatment. Slavery was suddenly incompatible with true democratic values. Victorious, our own feelings and transitions can affect the way we reason history.

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Era of Good Feelings

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Jeffersonian democracy

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Constitution The Planted States Constitution was written in social to ensure the freedom of the best. The Uncongenial party was irrevocably the "Republican Party" political scientists pow called it the Democratic-Republican Party to prepare it from the later Stage Party of Lincoln.

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Finally, Jefferson also displayed his presidency to the cursor of civil liberties and focus rights. Though the constitutional legality of the purchase was questionable, Jefferson doubled the size of the United States overnight with this purchase.

The Louisiana Territory included land from fifteen present U.S. states and two Canadian provinces. The deal was a bargain for the United States, with Jefferson paying less than 3 cents per acre.

The Jeffersonian Era Patrick Gass was among those who took part in the famous Lewis and Clark expedition. Setting out inthis expedition traveled overland from St. Louis, Missouri, to the Pacific. Along the way, Gass kept a journal in which he took notes on people, places, and. 3)Jefferson the President.

a)The Federal City and the “People’s President” i)French architect Pierre L’Enfant designed city on grand scale, but Washington remained little more than provincial village w/ few public buildings.

ii)Jefferson acted in spirit of democratic. The presidential election of was a rematch between President John Adams and Vice President Thomas Jefferson. An electoral tie between. The Jeffersonian era was rife with conflict, partisan passion, and larger-than-life personalities.

On the domestic front, a new party, the Republicans, came to office for the first time and a former vice president was charged with treason. The Jeffersonian Era, III. Monticello and Sally Hemings A. Jefferson rebuilt his home at Monticello three times.

B. Monticello is regarded as one of the great examples.

Jeffersonian era
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