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GUIDELINES FOR CONDUCTING A LITERATURE REVIEW As adapted for use by assignment. You may use templates provided in Appendices 1 and 2. State which critical appraisal tool you used to review the literature. print A3 sheets of paper.

We welcome feedback about these handouts and suggestions for additional handouts. Please email us or call us with your ideas. For this assignment you are asked to complete a literature review on an educational topic of your choice.

You are asked to locate at least 12 (8+4) educational journal articles on your topic and write a 5 -6 page literature review on the articles you’ve selected.

ECU's academic tip sheets can help you work your way through a range of study issues. I teach British Literature, World Literature, Intermediate Technology Applications, Digital Media Production, & Digital Design. Go Irish!!!

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Anglo-Saxon Unit Assignments & Review Sheet - Ms. Perino's Quest. Literature Review and Proposal Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to engage in the sort of writing that is the basis for literature reviews.

Literature review assignment sheet
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