Not my buisness poetry

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Theme, Language and Structure of Poems This Room and Not My Business

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Not My Business

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Saucy Wife gets a Shock

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Shelia Brown is a mutton dressed as lamb wife who gets involved with her daughters boyfriend and one of his mates Read Saucy Wife gets a Shock, free Fetish Stories at A series of PowerPoint presentations based on the poem ‘Not my business’ by Niyi Osundare, with accompanying worksheets, visuals and activities.

My fertile Mother-in-law

Jan 26,  · Arts & Humanities Poetry. Next. In the poem "not my business" by niyi osundare - anyone know the message the poet is trying to get across? please help - i need to know what the poem is about and the message the poet is trying to portray? and the meaning of the poem? Resolved.

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Niyi Osudare (Not My Business) - Poem by African Poems

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Not my buisness poetry
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