Summary of in custody by anita

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I found ‘In Custody’ slightly different from Anita Desai’s previous novels.

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Firstly, the story is not about a woman. In fact, the protagonist, villain as well as main characters are all men.

So, essentially, she leaves her safe area of femininity to delve into the adrenaline packed, loud male world.

Few females that I came across in the. Executive Summary [This summary serves merely to identify the primary issues in the submission and should not detract from the matters raised in the main document]. Anita Desai was born as Anita Mazumdar on June 24, in Mussoorie.

Her mother was German and her father was Bengali.

In Custody Summary

Her mother was German and her father was Bengali. Anita Desai completed her schooling from Queen Mary's Higher Secondary School in Delhi and graduated in English literature from the University of Delhi.

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In her novel, Fasting, Feasting, Anita Desai eventually accomplishes what many writers attempt and then fail to achieve. She uses light touch, simple language, uncomplicated structure, but at the same time addresses some very big issues and makes a point.

Uma and Arun are children of Mamapapa, the /5.

Summary of in custody by anita
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