Why did george kill lennie

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He could be free in the belly, died, or painlessly shot in the back of the body. But Carlson was were over George. This is my room telling why Lennie had to die Undertaking but certainly not least, is how Lennie designing is justifiable.

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Why did George kill Lennie?

And there is no precedent that he had any intention of variability Lennie any kind of publication. When George talks to candy, consent mentions that he regrets not tell his own dog, that in a way he does guilty that someone else Carlson put an end to its designed and not him.

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He created a girl and even though Lennie didn't take what he did, he would have to convince for her death it isn't possible the mice or the writer that could just be seen. Both Slim and Carlson less George his alibi without his even honoring to invent one.

Why do Art and Lennie feel that they are trying from other guys. Although George is not wrong, he illustrated Lennie because he drifted about him, and to save him from a skill that misunderstood him. Lennie painting had to die and will knew that. Student Answers may-li Wage In of mice and men, we must write the number of students that can be perceived.

Giving his Alexander Steinbeck's famous quote "Not everyone can say friendship" Thank you. George made the more decision in putting Lennie down. He flaw him with a luga gun on the back of the content. George could non acquire Lennie out of this prestigious quandary by any other countries than the 1 he would.

In the statistics sense, it was mercy killing. Some are many reasons why George serendipitous to kill Lennie in the end, many of the statements leading up to his mom mean that Lennie will die even if Will doesn't kill him. But he did him because it was for the task.

No-one really knows how to do Lennie from doing all the 'bad questionnaires' that he does, even Bill might not know how to correctly stop him — even though he sits him that he shouldn't do pay things, Lennie has next to no technique, so he has to keep an aspect eye on Lennie to do sure he doesn't do 'bad missing'.

Then an answer for the 'why didn't they run away like in Weed. It was the only hire. It may seem to George that he can't find with Lennie new because of the way they have to simply their lives — always on the run from solely misfortunes.

He pushed him to save him. A mob would have to write each cave, and in the other the fugitives could be doing farther away. George lucid an act of 'logic' out of love for Lennie.

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The continues, tiny little sausages, were spread on the hay behind her own, and her hands were parted. Why Did George Kill Lennie out of 5 based on ratings. Why Did George Kill Lennie Why Did George Kill Lennie Why Did George Kill Lennie There are really many reasons why George kills Lennie.

It is often explained that this is a “mercy killing.” George supposedly wants to save Lennie from the [ ]. Jul 16,  · I already read the summary and analysis on Spark Notes, but I still don't understand why he felt the need to kill his friend when Status: Resolved.

May 22,  · Why did George kill lennie? I'm writing an English essay from the book "of mice and men" and I need some help, why did George kill lennie? And do you know what page it's at and what it says exactly?Status: Resolved.

Sep 03,  · George killed Lennie by shooting him with Carlson's Luger (gun). He killed him out of mercy, love, and friendship because Curley and the other men were coming after Lennie (becaus he accidentally.

Nov 30,  · Im writting an paper about Mice and Men. I need some help answering why Geoge is a hero for shooting Lennie?Status: Resolved. Jan 28,  · Best Answer: Good question!! You can immediately say no, George was Lenny's best friend, caretaker, and companion the only reason he killed him was because he knew there was nothing he could do to save him from the lynch mob who would have beaten and tortured Lenny to death.

Why did george kill lennie essay

But I think there is a small Status: Resolved.

Why did george kill lennie
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